Addition of lighthouse audit tools to firefox

(Nithin) #1

The Audit tool is amazing in Chromium/Chrome would be happy to see it bundled together with Firefox Dev Tools

(Harald Kirschner) #2

I am a big fan of Lighthouse and we are talking to the team how we can work together to enable it for Firefox as well. To know better how we should prioritize; what kind of insights and recommendations from Lighthouse do you find most helpful?

(Nithin) #3

The order in which I go solving my issues are

  1. Performance
  2. PWA
  3. Best Practises
  4. Accessibility

(Harald Kirschner) #4

Thank you! For other feel free to also post your top audit insights. I’ll update this thread when there is news on audits being on the roadmap.

(Jon Jones) #5

We primarily use Performance and Best Practices.