Addition of lighthouse audit tools to firefox

(Nithin) #1

The Audit tool is amazing in Chromium/Chrome would be happy to see it bundled together with Firefox Dev Tools

(Harald Kirschner) #2

I am a big fan of Lighthouse and we are talking to the team how we can work together to enable it for Firefox as well. To know better how we should prioritize; what kind of insights and recommendations from Lighthouse do you find most helpful?

(Nithin) #3

The order in which I go solving my issues are

  1. Performance
  2. PWA
  3. Best Practises
  4. Accessibility
(Harald Kirschner) #4

Thank you! For other feel free to also post your top audit insights. I’ll update this thread when there is news on audits being on the roadmap.

(Jon Jones) #5

We primarily use Performance and Best Practices.

(Abby) #6

If you are interested in the accessibility audit that is done in Lighthouse, it may be would be of interest to take a look at the Axe or Coconut extensions from Deque Systems, and their Axe rules engine. The Lighthouse accessibility audit is driven by the rules engine from Axe. When you click the learn more link in an accessibility error flag in a Lighthouse report, you go to a page in the Axe rules list for details but at this time it is referencing Axe 2.2, while the Axe extension is using version 2.6 and Cocount (still in the works, but working) uses ver 3.0. of the rules. Details of all of this are outline on the Deque and Axe web pages, and their code is available in Github.

(Alyssamhope) #7

I would love to see this as well. We primarily use Performance, Best Practices, and Accessibility for both mobile and desktop

(Sebastian Zartner) #8

For what it’s worth, the meta-bug filed for website auditing is bug 1415357 .

And website auditing is also one of the things I am missing a lot in the Firefox DevTools.

In Chrome DevTools’ Audit panel, the order I look at things is:

  1. Performance
  2. Best Practices
  3. SEO
  4. Progressive Web App
  5. Accessibility

And I check both, Desktop and mobile and also try throttling to find out about performance issues.