Addon disabled by mozilla

(Goldenbalaji95) #1

Its been months since i updated my add-on “Infinite Tabs Manager”, today i noticed that my add-on is disabled by mozilla. This is my first application and i have no idea what to do next. This extension is already doing good in chrome web store. No idea what went wrong for mozilla


It always exists on the site :
There also is this extension which do the same thing :

(Goldenbalaji95) #3

Sorry for the confusion with the names, I meant “Infinite Tabs Manager” as in here


Oh sorry ! My bad. You can try “Toby” in my previous reply.

(Goldenbalaji95) #5

No Actually, I’m the developer of that extension. I was asking about getting the extension back live.

(Martin Giger) #6

You should’ve gotten an e-mail saying why it has been rejected in a review. If you can’t find that e-mail you should also be able to see that in the version that’s disabled under “Review History”.

(Goldenbalaji95) #7

Review history link was broken, just now checked my email and i got this.

This add-on has been disabled due to fraudulent ratings, in particular self-reviews.

Is there anything i can do to republish my extension?

(Martin Giger) #8

There should be a contact e-mail in that message (amo-admins or something along those lines). I’d suggest contacting by that e-mail.

(Sylvain Giroux) #9

You can also talk directly with reviewers on IRC.

Documentation on how to get started :

(Olivia Watson) #10

Thanks for the information.