Addon Thunderbird 65 and 60 disappeared from

(Emmanuel Roecker) #1


I updated my addon “Open Google Calendar” to be compatible with Thunderbird 65 and Thunderbird 60 with the same xpi file.

It was approved but it’s disappeared from and redirect to the link which doesn’t work.

Have you any idea to solve this issue ?

Thank you for your help.

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(Philipp Kewisch) #2

We have a bug where WebExtensions are automatically set compatible with Firefox. All you need to do is go to the version page and change compatibility back to Thunderbird. Let us know if this helps!

(Emmanuel Roecker) #3


I don’t find the option compatibility in the version page, I can’t change the compatibility in my admin page.
I deleted the version and resend a version without “browser_specific_settings” in “manifest.json” but the same thing happened.

Any other idea to solve this issue ?

Thank you for your help.

(Emmanuel Roecker) #4


Finally I found the version page but it still doesn’t work


Let me know if you have any solutions


(Emmanuel Roecker) #5

It works after waiting. I also added an id in manifest.json file to authorize installation in thunderbird 65.

Nice day

(Misc) #6

how do i get to the versions page. i have thunderbird v65 and want to use lightning and sync to my google calendars.