Addon to bounce a spam message?

Ignoring incoming spam messages does not always work to get the spam to stop; the messages keep coming in.

I would like to make it look like the recipient account does not exist by bouncing the email when I decide it is spam, not when an anti-spam program decides this incorrectly, as so often happens. I can write a standalone program to do this, but why do all that work if a method for doing this already exists?

To be clear, I want to click a button, or something similar, to send a standard “bounce” message back to a given sender or the sender of a given message.

Is there a TB addon that does exactly this, or can it be done from inside TB itself? No guesses, please; I’ve already done some searching and cannot find any way to do this.

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It has been almost a week with no replies. Does that mean I have to write the dang thing myself? Oh, wait, there were only 28 views. So that means I’m posting in a rarely-read forum. Okay, I’ll post elsewhere.

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