Spam filer for thunderbird

I searched this TB forum for “spam” and almost nothing which makes me suspect I’m in the wrong place given the multi decade problem of spam. So a referral is probably needed, thanks.

My TB inbox is swamped in brazen spammers, easy to filter out no referse DNS domains etc, easy patterns in the subjects. Yet I can’t find a filter plug in that is the least bit effective.

I agregate my pop email accounts into a private IMAP server on my home server and access via TB on a non-standard port through my servers windows firewall.

How about a TB spam filter that tags in purple emails that ARE in my address book. I’m frustrated that in 2021 there still isn’t a solutoin (that I have found) after googling a bit on this topic in the last week…

Tip, referral is appreciated. Mailwasher, Comodo etc are server/cloud based corporate solutions. I asked on the mailwasher support forum re a TB plug in or even sitting between my private IMAP server and TB client, no not how they do it. Comodo doesnt show a plug in in the TB plug in search.

I must not know how difficult this is at the plug in level… ;( ;( ;(

Tnx all

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