Addon which deletes recent history on Firefox Android

(Baptiste Thémine) #1

In Firefox Desktop, there is a built-in addon that permits to delete recent history for the last 5 minutes, last 2 hours, or last 24 hours. This is very usefull and I use it quite often. Moreover, we can also delete history in today folder or week folder or month folder in the history panel. But in Firefox Android, we can’t choose to delete history in specific date/time range. The only thing we can do is to delete all history or to delete websites one by one. :confused:
Is there any addon for Android similar to the desktop one? If not, how can I create it with WebExtensions?

(Jorge) #2

You can find the documentation for creating extensions here:

I think you should be able to make an add-on compatible with desktop and Android relatively easily, using the history API. I don’t know if there’s an add-on that already does this, though.

(Baptiste Thémine) #3

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I have already look at history API but it is not supported in Firefox Android. Do you know when it will be supported? If not, how can I do this addon?

(Jorge) #4

I don’t know when there will be support for Android, sorry. You might want to look at the dependencies for this bug:

(Baptiste Thémine) #5

I took a look at it and it seems that browser.history is not present in these dependencies. Should I file a bug for that?
I would like also to know if there were any release notes for Firefox Android like Firefox Desktop on because I really don’t find a lot of information concerning Firefox Android support.
Moreover, MDN is not up to date. Some pages were updated last year and the majority of compatibility tables are obsolete, even though I updated the mozilla GitHub repository on :thinking:

(Jorge) #6

Yes, please do.

You can find Android release notes in URLs like this one:

(Baptiste Thémine) #7

So it’s done :

It is not really a useful information for a developper. I would like up to date details about WebExtensions API support changes such as for example
Is there any Firefox Android release note for developpers?