Addons disappeared in FF version 67.0.4

I have looked at a bunch of old posts regarding FF updates and loss of addons but they all refer to FF versions of 66 or below. Version 67.0.4 has just appeared and with it I’ve lost all my addons and everything on the task bar is gone. All my settings have reverted back to default and I can’t find a single post that applies. To say I’m upset over this happening again would be an understatement. As far as this forum goes, I don’t know if I’m even posting where I’ll receive any attention. My livelihood is my computer and the grammar program I pay for and use constantly is gone along with all the rest. Is there a fix for this and an end to this foolishness? And now I’m told the title has already been used.

Firefox 67 started to use separate profile for each installation (finally!!!). This is a good thing because switching between different Firefox versions with the same profile could result in crazy bugs.

However for some users this actually caused “data loss”, because their Firefox started to use new profile.
But you can fix it from “about:profiles” page… see this article for more info:

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Under About:profile I have a local and root, which one I want I don’t know. I also don’t have Profile Default Release as explained in the article. Not having had to delve into the issue of a profile before I can only guess what profile I want by what’s shown in the open file but that’s as far as I get. The intent of the author is commendable but assuming every reader has more than a basic understanding of the computer systems is frustrating to say the least and having to wait for explanations in exasperating as I watch my deadlines slip by. I’m getting pretty fed up with Firefox.

So what do I do without the Profile Default Release?

Well I can’t be sure of what exactly happened in your case, but if this is the case with a wrong profile, then all you need to do is visit the “about:profiles” page and click the “Set as default profile” button (if there is more than one, then try them one by one).
After that restart your Firefox to see if it helped. If not, then try again with a different profile.

If you can see there only one profile, then the problem is elsewhere.

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Hi Dave, there are a local and root folder for each profile.

Your currently active profile will have this:

This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted.

Do you see any other profiles on the page? Each profile has a very large heading starting with the word profile.