Address bar with commannds modify

(Spb) #1


I do not find in the documents any help for my problem.

I want with Shortcuts manipulatet the Address bar content. For example a Seachstring in Addressbar must modify with alt+g.

The Commands must only run, wenn the focus is in addressbar.

Thanks for help


(Martin Giger) #2

Are you asking how to do that when coding an extension or looking for an extension that does that?

(Spb) #3

Yes I am asking how to do that when coding an extension

(Martin Giger) #4

You can not do anything with key events in the awesomebar. The only APIs for that area are

You may want to consider different tools that allow you to modify input behaviors like AHK (Auto hotkeys or something) on Windows.

(Spb) #5

Hi,thank you, but i need other function. for exampel:

In addressbar is a url with long path. With alt + x the path make shorter and load the resource.

Those function I need on principle.

(Martin Giger) #6

Principle won’t help you much here. The APIs in Firefox simply don’t offer this flexibility. As mentioned before, you can likely use keyboard macro software to achieve the desired effects.

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Thannk you for help