Age span for twenties seems to be wrong for "demographics spec"

Related to this (Inadequate Documentation), in demograpics spec, the following age span for twenties seems to be wrong:

export const AGES = {
‘’: ‘’,
teens: ‘< 19’,
twenties: ‘19 - 29’,
thirties: ‘30 - 39’,

Twenties should be from 20 to 29 according to Cambridge dictionary (which is in accordance with what most people think of twenties). So it should be the following:

export const AGES = {
‘’: ‘’,
teens: ‘< 20’,
twenties: ‘20 - 29’,
thirties: ‘30 - 39’,

Note: Although I couldn’t come up with a better word but teens usually refers to ages between 13 (thirteen) to 19 (nineteen) since they end with -teen and … Cambridge dictionary seems to agree.

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Yep, that area is problematic and you can find related discussions in this Discourse.

Please first read the following (item 1):

AFAIK, that clause came a bit later into the project, probably with changes in EU laws, so age 19 became an edge case. For legal reasons in many jurisdictions, one might not use recordings from minors during model creation. But “minor age” changes from place to place and in time.

@bodzen Thanks as always. I see. Your URL above is from Common Voice Legal Terms :

  1. Eligibility: Common Voice is open to anyone over the age of 19. If you are 19 or under, you must have your parent or guardian’s consent and they must supervise your participation in Common Voice.

Did a quick search on Discourse: demographics spec age but didn’t seem to find it or was TLDR (Too Long Dind’t Read). But that is OK. I now know that it is on purpose and not a mistake.

I searched “child”, “children”, “teen”, “age metadata” etc, and found this topic, which might be of particular interest: