What's the policy on participation of minors?

A teacher contacted me with this question. He teaches at 8th grade, 14-15 year-olds.

What I found on this topic are these two questions in FAQ ‘How do you ensure anonymity and privacy of the people who donated their voices?’, ‘What does it mean that I can’t “determine the identity” of speakers in the Common Voice dataset?’.

If I got it right, it’s ok for the minors to participate. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Unfortunately the terms of service specify that you need to be over 19: https://commonvoice.mozilla.org/en/terms

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Hi, thanks for the info.

Terms say “Common Voice is open to anyone over the age of 19. If you are 19 or under, you must have your parent or guardian’s consent and they must supervise your participation in Common Voice.” So minors can participate but under supervision.


@phire @sw
I wasn’t aware of that, I thought it was restricted for over 19 only!
The question follows, how do we ensure consent? is there a form to fill in, I don’t think I have seen a checkbox consent for age, is that implemented in Common Voice?

Could someone from Mozilla confirm that it’s OK for minors to participate to Common Voice under supervision?

I need to make sure before I go out and kick start an event.