AI for everyone

This session is facilitated by Dipesh Chander Monga, Samuli Koskinen

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About this session

In the session we will talk about the inspirations behind the project and the process of building an Escape Room inside a truck with general information about the project. We will share all the riddles in the Escape Room, their teachings about AI, and all the technology used in creating them including the hardware and the codes.

Additionally, we will give demo of one/two riddles in the Escape Room and allow people to try and solve them.

Lastly, we will show the open-source platform we created, and how to access it, for those interested in perhaps creating their own AI learning experience by using the information contained in the platform in its current form or by developing it further.

We plan to engage in general discussion about what is AI, how it works, and what are the future possibilities of helping humans.

Truck Videos:

Goals of this session

We will discuss a project during which we developed AI learning experience in a truck.


Outcomes of session:
1.For Non-technical audience
-How a learning experience about AI can be realized in a creative, fun, and unconventional way.
-Thanks to the open source platform that is ready for use, no need for writing long codes or taking additional courses.

  1. For audience with basic technical knowledge of Hardware and coding:
    -The open source platform can be freely used to create learning experiences about AI.
    -Basic knowledge of hardware can be enough to create a learning experience.
    -Easy-to-follow documentation in GitHub provides an excellent way of learning the basics of different types of hardware and software.

  2. For both
    -Everybody can create and develop further their own riddles and designs based on the documentation available in the open source platform.

Thanks you everyone for joining us at Mozfest!
For further follow up questions, you can contact me via my email:

A brief info about the puzzles from the escape room we demostrated at Mozfest:

  1. The first hint was given to participants of the Mozfest that they need to feed data to the green food bowl (as shown in the image).
  2. Once they find the key (which is inside one of the books on the table) , they have to put the key in the food bowl, a robot under the able gets activated and gives the next hint of the riddle, which is a wire to solve the neural network box (shown in the photo).
  3. If they make the neural network connections correct with the help of a dial shown the the photo, which is the last puzzle that me demonstrated, Volia! they have made it to the end of the escape room.

If you are interested more about the learning about AI of our demo at Mozfest and details videos of the project you can check the github repo: . The github repo contains all the designs, circuits, codes, planning, images and every possible resources available about the truck.

Detailed Videos of truck and all prototypes :

Video shown at Mozfest:

Hope to see more people contributing to this project by teaching about “AI for everyone” !

Here are some photos from our booth at Mozfest!