All Hands Discussions and What's Next!

Dear SUMO Mozillians,

It was my pleasure to have all of you that went to the All Hands attend physically and virtually! Thank you, you help make Mozilla and SUMO great. For those that were not there, I have provided the links to the recorded meetings (raw) below. Please note, you may need an NDA to view the content. This is subject to change as I confirm with my counterparts to make sure there is not sensitive data on there.

Second, there where 5 discussions that we need help from the community that require a bit of follow up.

The first is the New Community Guidelines - please continue this conversation: Here

The second is the Refresh of the Moderation Guidelines
I have provided a link to a draft that I would love your feedback on and will also be posting them in the Moderator Forum for more sensitive concerns (you need to be a moderator to see this thread) :wink:
Please feel free to comment here: 2018 Moderator SUMO Community Guidelines

The third is the new Mission Driven Mozillian principles and what is next for SUMO.
In summary there was alot of good work done on SUMO‚Äôs side, however many of the questions were clarified in the 3 hour meeting the day after. If I were to add my reflections of that meeting I would say the following: many users that were concerned about ‚Äėleaders‚Äô were demystified by changing the name to ‚ÄėRoles of Responsibility‚Äô and regional communities would be able to define these. The big question they asked for me for the community as a whole was what were these roles organized by? Functional roles, goals, regional goals, and who did they serve? (serve ~ did provide some confusion, but look for the new principles posted by participation later this week)

In conclusion, this year SUMO will start start small with the guidelines and then the ‚Äúexperts‚ÄĚ will emerge depending on the functional structure of each regional community. We can start by adding these principles to our current moderators in SUMO :slight_smile:

The fourth, is that we have a sheet of tasks that we would love for the community to take over and drive. They are tasks that admins have added that they do that would free up some time for some more Community Manager TLC tasks. Check out that list, and feel free to put your name next to a task and add skills you think it might need: Admin Tasks - Potential Community Delegation 2018 planning. This also gives the community a great opportunity to propose community driven programs with in SUMO.

The 5th and last but not least are the list of content that we can clean up, remove and list to remove any outdated information about Firefox and SUMO on the forums, in the Knowledge Base and in any other mozilla domain.
Please add it directly to the list in the agenda or mention it in the comments of this thread: Austin All Hands Agenda Bookmark

Lastly, there was a long discussion on how we can help community ‚Äėroles of responsibility‚Äô in different regions on topics of community building and community management. These were the key points:

  • Leadership roles tend to emerge based on a region or a user‚Äôs participation in the contributor forums.
  • Community health metrics will help these leaders and admins keep tabs on community for resources and where to put more time. For example these metrics will include: the number people, scope of community happiness, negative interactions between users, skills of the community and programs and tasks we have to support the skills that are there and those in which are desired, a newsletter to help strengthen relationships with ‚Äėactive contributors‚Äô, risk management for relationship building for users and for contributors.
  • The centralization of and up to date information on SUMO is a goal we would like to see in SUMO to better strengthen the relationships in and out of the organization. Some investigation on this will happen later in 2018, maybe. For now we have a list to start updating old content :slight_smile:
  • For those that want to run events - please remember to start 3 months in advance ideally so we can help you get the resources for Localization meetups, Social and Forum mozcoffees or mozpizzas. Second if there is an event in your area that is in line with Mozilla‚Äôs Mission and you think SUMO would benefit being there, mention it to an admin so we can get a bug to get you there, given the template for all events here: []
  • In order to reinforce or to moderate a Mozilla aligned community the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines are a really good place to start.

Videos recording of the discussions - Warning: audio is best, video may cause dizziness.

Original notes and Austin All Hands Agenda


What does the acronym SUMO stand for? (if I remember correctly)


Yes :slight_smile: SUpport MOzilla the name came about in 2008> More on it can be found on the site and in the Mozilla Wiki page:

There are two different links - here and in Refreshing the Community Guidelines from @vesper. Which in is the right I should comment to?

The first one in named incorrectly.

I renamed it to be ‚ÄúModerator‚ÄĚ Community Guidelines.

The second one is the ‚ÄúCommunity Guidelines‚ÄĚ.

That should clear it up. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

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