Refreshing the Community Guidelines

Hello everyone,

We want to invite you to actively participate in the refreshing of our Community Guidelines - the statements that we should all hold true, agree to participate (and collaborate by) while at Support Mozilla in any capacity (admin or contributor).

Please see (and comment on) the refreshed guidelines here. Everyone should be able to use the “comment” feature.

If you want, you can also use this thread to discuss the guidelines and propose changes to the current version of the document.

The deadline to submit your feedback and suggestions is November 27th, 2017.

Thank you & have a great weekend!

Vesper, this looks good to me :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their comments so far - Alice, Philipp, Sandeep - and others :slight_smile:

The new revision is available here. Please take a look and help us improve it!

Thank you.

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Hi vesper, thanks for starting this. I’m just backlogged at the moment - I’ll look and comment on it as soon as I can if there’s no hard deadline.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrew!

Thanks for taking a look when you can.

A good point about a hard deadline. I’ll add one to the top post - and it will be November 27th 2017.

Is there a reason SUMO needs its own set of guidelines? I feel like most of that doc is covered by the mozilla-wide CPG and the rest is specific to sumo moderation, which might make more sense as moderation guidelines than participation.

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Hi Yousef!

Yes, with time the community admins (Rachel and I) decided it would be beneficial (especially for new contributors) to have an extra layer of guidelines that would put more SUMO-context on the Mozilla-wide CPG you mentioned. SUMO offers a rather unique set of interactions and challenges to people who want to contribute meaningfully and we want to highlight community-wide expectations regarding communication and behaviour.

Moderation guidelines for posts/forums are yet another layer that we definitely need (and are refreshing) as well.

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I like the guidelines and do not see anything too contentious in them.

I really liked:

"I will remember to have fun and take a break when I become frustrated or find myself in a heated debate. "

Is there any way this could be expanded (or possibly a second point added) to say something like:

“I will remember to take a break now and again to prevent myself from burning out”

We want people to contribute, but we also need to take care of those that do, and to make clear that there is nothing wrong with taking a step back for a while (more than a couple of days) is not a bad thing if it keeps people healthy.

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I see Philipp has dropped a few comments a month back. Have those comments been resolved or will they be addressed?

yes, they’ve all been addressed in the newer revision of the guidelines at the front of the document :))

Any chance we can add this? I just think that it is important to watch out for contributors mental health and allow people to feel comfortable with stepping back occasionally.

Looks good to me :slight_smile: I think it’s worded quite well.

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all your input! We’ll be publishing a final (for now) version of the guidelines after the Austin All Hands - so, the week of 18th December.

Cheers :wink:

I added a comment to the related bug report, Bug 1063790 - [SUMO]: Forum / Community participation guidelines are hard to find. There should be links to them in several places.

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