[All Hands] Test Pilot on Tuesday

Hi everyone,

You made it to San Francisco! Thanks for being here. I hope it’s a fun and productive week. As always, if I can do anything to help just let me know.

The Test Pilot home room is in the Firefox Applications room. This is the Embarcadero room on Level 3 of the Parc 55 hotel. Unless otherwise noted, our meetings will be there.

Don’t feel you need to attend meetings if you don’t think they would be a good use of your time (eg, if you’re not working on Min Vid I wouldn’t expect you to go that meeting). If you have a conflict, or you’re in the zone, do what you think is best. Remember to watch our shared calendar for any updates! Some highlights for Tuesday:

0930 There is a Firefox All Hands in the Grand Ballroom

1040 Test Pilot team stand up: What are you working on? Where are you working? What’s your goal for the day? Who do you want to talk to or work with today? This is 10 minutes after the all hands lets out, so this timing may be unrealistic. If so don’t stress about it.

1100 Test Pilot full bug triage + triage through trello

1300 Play with Storybook for demoing. Les and Chuck will talk a bit about what Storybook is and how it helps us and answer any questions. Then we can work on using it to clean up Test Pilot components as well as start working with the Test Pilot design team on interesting feature cards. Consider picking one of these:

You’re on your own for dinner.

I’m looking forward to the week with you all!