All my logins and passwords are disappeared

i have a big problem , yesterday i reset my laptop and i install firefox again when i wanted connect on my firefox account but i forgot my password , no problem i click on “forget my password” and i creat a new password and when i connect ( with the new password ) the account is empty all my logins and passwords disappeared and when i check my app ios it’s same the app Lockwise is empty ,
could you please help me ?
thanks in advance.

Hello, all.
All my logins and passwords are disappeared, also. In my case, there are a few differences. I don’t remember ever installing Lockwise on my Linux desktop in the first place, but it is there now.

I used the Firefox Account to sync my logins between my desktop and android for months with no issues. A few days ago, my house suffered a power outtage and when the computer came up, I notice Lockwise is there and all of my logins are gone. Meanwhile on my android, there is no Lockwise and all logins are fine.

  1. Linux desktop Firefox with Lockwise and Android Firefox without Lockwise are both using the exact same login credentials.
  2. I created a new login on each device for testing and I tell both to “sync now”, and Android acquires the new Lockwise login from desktop.
  3. I cannot export my logins from Firefox Android (v93.1.0 (Build 2015836707))
  4. I cannot remove Lockwise from my desktop Firefox Linux (v78.14.0esr (64-bit)) to see if it is hindering the sync somehow.
  5. I emptied 100% of history/cookies/data/etc., then uninstalled Firefox completely from my Debian desktop(even selected “purge” from Software Center), rebooted, reinstalled Firefox… The damned thing even opened to this exact page, right where I left off… As though nothing was ever changed… Still no logins from my Android!!!

I fixed it… for now. Hopefully for good.

I deleted the couple new logins in my Desktop Firefox, then, I selected in Preferences:

  1. “Sync” on the left,
  2. “Change…” in the Sync settings box,
  3. “Disconnect…” from my Firefox account,
  4. Confirmed the disconnect,
  5. Now that syncing is off, I selected “Set Up Sync”,
  6. then “Save Changes” and waited for the sync to finish before checking for logins.

That fixed it for me, until further notice.
I hope this helps someone else out there.