Allow other Zwave controllers to work

(Guy Mcswain) #1

I’m using a recently purchased Nortek S&C HUSBZB-1 USB stick that is not found by the ‘thing gateway’ v0.3. After determining that this controller is recognized by the openzwave-shared library running test2.js I debugged at least one problem with zwave-adapter.js code. This module is detecting the vendorId and productId of the attached USB-serial bridge and not the zwave controller itself. The HUSBZB-1 is using a Sigma designed zwave controller but it sits behind a usb-serial bridge that is unrecognized. I hacked in vendorId === ‘10c4’ and productId === ‘8a2a’ into the isZwavePort() function then updated the package checksum and now have a working zwave network.

I think the detection logic for the controller sticks need to be reworked to avoid this problem and should certainly avoid hard coding vendor/product ids.

Thanks for the nice work overall, however, on the gateway!

(Michael Stegeman) #2

Could you please file an issue for us, including your vendorId and productId? That will be an easy interim fix for us to push out.