Allowing users to download their own recordings

Can users download audio files they themselves have created?

I think this is a question of volunteer labour and attribution. One might choose to donate their contribution under a Universal Public Domain Release (CC0 1.0) on Common Voice, but they have the moral right over that contribution. They should, at least, be allowed to download only their contribution, separated from contributions by others. Also, a user downloading their own contribution (audio files with transcription text) does not violate any kind of privacy.

Would love to hear what others think but would also request Mozilla staff to include this feature.

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Yes, they can.


@G12r hanks for answering this so quickly!

I would add, that the option to download your contributions is only going to be available for users who have created a login, for contributions made while logged in as otherwise we would not be able to match you contributions to you for downloading.

@psubhashish Let me know if you hit any issues accessing your data and I would love to hear any feature requests you come up with in the future!


This is neat. Thank you @G12r. @jesslynnrose, this is a neat but hidden feature. :slight_smile: I’ll hopefully make a quick video tutorial and include about downloading (and then sorting the data).

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