Always getting Error: The storage API will not work with a temporary addon ID

Hello! I developed an extension but i noticed that Firefox doesn’t support manifest v3 yet so i need to convert my extension to v2. I am having troubles with the storage API which is throwing this error: Uncaught (in promise) Error: The storage API will not work with a temporary addon ID. Please add an explicit addon ID to your manifest. For more information see

Reading the documentation i found out that there needs to be a key in manifest called “specific_browser_settings” and i have added it, the problem is the id because none that i have tried has worked. I haven’t published this extension to the add-ons store because i first need to test it but how am i supposed to do so if temporary ids are not accepted?


"browser_specific_settings": {
    "gecko": {
        "id": "id@temporary-addon",
        "strict_min_version": "88.0"

I got that id from this field image

and if needed this the code invoking the API:

const data = await'amAccounts').then((data) => {return data.amAccounts});

I would like to understand what i need to do in order to solve the id problem

Which IDs have you tried?
Did they produce the same error?

A string formatted like an email address:

I tried the one displayed in “Extension ID” and also strings formatted like email addresses, now it is working with the format Anyways thanks!