AMO experiencing technical difficulties

(Jorge) #1

AMO is currently experiencing some problems:
I will update the blog post once the site is back to working normally.

(Jorge) #2

It looks like the site is back to normal now.


Seems like statistics are not working since Nov. 9.


I can confirm this on my end too.

(Emmanuel Sellier) #5

It seems I can’t log in anymore.
I reseted my password a few times but I still get an incorrect login error message “username or password incorrect”.

Is this related to the server migration?



Have we also lost the November 10-11 statistics?

(Jorge) #7

I believe the statistics are still being backfilled. That process can take a couple of days.

(Jorge) #8

Logging in should work normally. If you’re still having problems, please email amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org.

(Emmanuel Sellier) #9




Looks like the statistic is completely broken, there are no new data starting November 10 and so far :confused:

(Jorge) #11

Yeah, this bug tracks this problem.


I’ve already subscribed to it yesterday, but 5 days without any progress seems unacceptable, isn’t it?

(Jorge) #13

It’s unusually long, but Jason has many other priorities.


Looks like statistics are working again and up to date.

(kiboke) #15

Anybody else experiencing problems with adding new addon versions lately, December 18th and 19th?

(kiboke) #16

Two minutes after adding the new addon version ( i get 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT.

Addon version may appear then on the list, with 0 files in it. If i don’t delete it and wait for several more minutes, it may appear ok, like nothing happened.

(Jorge) #17

Yes, there have been recurring server problems since the move to AWS. The dev team is working on fixing this, but it’s a hard problem to pinpoint, it seems.

(Decembre56) #18

I don’t know if it’s the good place to report problem about the AMO site and particularly its ADDONS pages…

If i Go to the page of the addon "Recently Used Bookmarks Folder"
the install button don’t work.
But if i go in my Collection ** “XPI - A Tester (OLD)”** ,
the install button seems working…

Only some Addons seems touched .
I presume it’s was because they are not compatible with the Last firefox version.

And in this case why the install button of this addon** “CSSMate”** - incompatible with my Firefox version - work in the both place (Collection and Addon page) ?

(Jorge) #19

I can’t reproduce the problem (the install button works for me). If you can reliably reproduce it, please file a bug report here.

(Decembre56) #20

Sorry it seems a temporary problem:
Now that’s good in the both place.