Cannot sign in to Addons account

I had been having numerous problems with my Mozilla account, detailed here.

At this point I can’t even sign into my account: after entering my primary email and password, the page simply responds with {"detail":"Internal Server Error"}

I need to sign in to upload a new version of my addon - I attempted to upload a new version before my account broke and it immediately was given the status “disabled by Mozilla”.

Is someone able to help in fixing these two issues?

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Send a message to amo-admins AT mozilla DOT com.

I’m getting the exact same error. Have you fixed the issues? if so, could you share what steps you took? e.g. who you contacted or what site you submitted the support request to? Thanks in advance.

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Same for me- I emailed amo-admins @ mozilla . com but haven’t gotten any sort of reply. I need to update my add-on but can’t log in to do so :confused:

Hi, apologies for not updating this!

I sent an email to the address mentioned by @jorgev with my initial message. Half an hour later I received this reply from a separate address:

can you please log-in with the email address that owns this add-on into Firefox Accounts (or create a new Firefox Account for this), in order to link your AMO account once to your Firefox Account? That should give you access to the add-on needed.

As for the disabled version, I am not sure why that happened. Please try again once you have recovered access to your account.

I replied

I am signed into Firefox with, which is the email address that owns the add-on. When I try to log in to the Addons site the page knows my email address and just asks for a password, but after entering it is when I get the Internal Server Error.

I think I initially created the addon with the email address, however that email is now the secondary email address of my account so I cannot sign in with it.

Later they replied

The issue is that you have two AMO accounts now, so AMO doesn’t know which one to pick. I disconnected your old email address from your Firefox account, so you should be able to log in with your primary email address which also owns the add-on mentioned.

Should you ever need to access your old AMO account, you need to remove the secondary email in Firefox Accounts and create a separate Firefox Account using that email address.

This solved the issue for me, total time was less than two days :slight_smile: