An ongoing academic work about Kabyle using CV and DeepSpeech

Welcome to @MestafaKamal

I invite everyone contributing on DeepSpeech to give some help to our newcomer @MestafaKamal who is in charge to work on the Kabyle Model.

@MestafaKamal is also contributing on Common Voice.

He is currently preparing as part of his topic of the end of computer engineering studies at the High School of computer Science in Algiers (from where I’m also graduated), a final work on speech recognition. He will work on the CV Kab Corpus and will use DeepSpeech to generate the Kab model.

Thanks for @MestafaKamal and for everyone who can help.


Hello everyone;
Thank you @belkacem77 for the welcome and the introduction.
I’m in fact working on speech recognition using deepspeech on the CV kab corpus. I’ll appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you .


Hello Mestafa,
I’m currently making efforts to move machine translation forward, that is for Abkhazian-Russian, I lack the equipment, deepspeech is also on the future list.
That being said if you provide me with time on a sever that has Ubuntu, 8GB Nvidia VideoCard, then whatever I do for the Abkhazian, I’ll do for the kab when my participation is needed.


Welcome @MestafaKamal
and thank you soi much for helping the Kabyle locale.

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