Annotating Tool

I have forked a Github repo and Customized it to use for my own use case.

maybe my use case is the same as yours which is annotating audios.
I assume you are using standard csv file format in Deep Speech project and all your audios are wav mono 16000.
(Or mp3 to use in windows. mp3 is better)
feel free to use it. But be careful this project is customized for RTL Languages. (you can change this one for your own language.)

Link :

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Thanks for sharing, it is always great to see what other tool one can use in the preprocessing. Just had a look, how would I change to LTR?

just check where I used arabic_reshaper & bidi libraries.

To show you more specific, find these three parts, they are findable by comments in codes.

  1. Initaliazing Tkinter Window
  2. FIND original annotation
  3. Annotation Entry Field

If I find more to mention, I’ll reply to your post

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