Announcing "Mozillian of the Month (February)" experiment event

(Irvin Chen) #1

Hi Mozillians,

You may know “Rep of the Month,” a monthly event to recognize the active and inspiring Reps for their work. In the past 7 years, more than 80 Reps had won this honor for their great work.

However, we all know - not only Rep - there are so many of you, as a Mission Driven Mozillian, contributing to different Mozilla projects, doing various activities, highly investing daily in support of the Mozilla’s Mission and Internet’s health, everywhere around the globe.

So the Reps Council create “Mozillian of the Month” experiment, a prize dedicated to all of the Mozillians. With the Reps’ help, we want to share your stories, learn from your efforts, and inspire other Mozillians to rock the internet together.

Nominations and Timeline

Nomination (-3/7)

The nomination starts from now (Feb 24, 18:00 UTC) to March 7 (1500 UTC). All Reps will nominate up to one Mozillian, by posting to the Discourse “Reps” category.

Voting (3/8-3/18)

By March 8, the Rep Council will announce voting start and post a thread on here (the Discourse “Mozillians” category), with the link to all nominees’ story.

Every Mozillians can vote to the nominee they want to encourage by “Liking” in that voting thread. The voting will last until March 18.

Result (3/18)

By March 18 15:00 UTC, the nominee who had the most “likes” in the voting thread, will win the “Mozillian of the Month (Feb 2019)” honor.

We will share the story with the rest of Mozilla-verse. In addition to this, we will also prepare a small swag for the winner of Mozillian of Month!

This is the experiment from the Mozilla Reps program. The Reps Council will evaluate after this trial, and decide if we want to make and improve it into a monthly event.

On behalf of the Reps Council


Voting for Mozillian of the Month, February (Ended!)