Nominate for Mozillian of the Month (March) starts until 4/6

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Tl;dr, Please help nominate great Mozillian in your local community as Mozillian of March by Apr 6 (15:00 UTC).

Hi Reps,

The nomination for the second round of Mozillian of the Month recognition experiment starts now.

This is a prize dedicated to all hard-working Mozillian. With our help, we want to share the Mozillian’s stories, learn from their efforts, and inspire more Mozillians to shape a better internet together.

Nominations and Timeline

  • Nominating: March 26 - Apr 6 (15:00 UTC)
  • Voting: April 7 - April 21 (15:00 UTC)


The nomination period starts from now (March 26, 15:30 UTC) to Apr 6 (15:00 UTC). All Reps can nominate up to one Mozillian - not limited but preferred to non-Rep, by posting to Discourse “Reps” category , with the following format:


Nominating Mozillian of the Month - {{Name or Nickname}}


The story of the nominee. Briefly introduce them and their work - Who is them? What did they do? When and where? Why do you think that is important? And How is it affect the internet and the local community?

If applicable, please also tell us how did you -as the Rep- help the nominee on their work.

Include some photos will be even better!


By April 7 (15:00 UTC) - I will announce voting start and post a thread on the #mozillians category, with the link to all nominees’ story.

Every Mozillians (not limited to Rep) can vote to the nominee they want to encourage by “Liking” in that voting thread until April 21 (15:00 UTC).


By April 21 15:00 UTC, the nominee who had the most “likes” in the voting thread, will win the “Mozillian of the Month (March 2019)” honor.

Let’s share the story with the rest of Mozilla-verse.

In addition to this, we will prepare small swag for the winner, and for you (the rep who nominated them), if you did tell us how did you help the nominee succeed.

Voting for Mozillian of the Month, April (end 5/26 15:00 UTC)
Voting for Mozillian of the Month, March (ended)
Mozilla Reps Newsletter - March 2019
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Here are the samples of nomination -

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Hi @Seburo, can you post to the #reps category, with the title Nominating Mozillian of the Month - syamkumar?