Announcing the Dark Funnel Detective Campaign

Hey Mozillians,

Your next opportunity to help Mozilla is coming up on Sept 17-24th.

Help Firefox find websites that have unauthorized Firefox download buttons by registering to participate in the Dark Funnel Detective Campaign.

Did you know that only 30% of Firefox downloads come from the official Mozilla website or from known partners? Some of the other download sources are friendly, but others put users at risk of getting old editions, a bad experience or even malicious installs. We call these mystery download sources “the dark funnel”.

Understanding the dark funnel is one of Firefox’s most important goals this year. By participating in this campaign for a few minutes each day this week, you’ll be helping Mozilla shine light on unknown download sources. Every site reported by a community member will get us one step closer to our goal of understanding the entire dark funnel, which in turn helps us keep all Firefox users safe.

That’s why we need Mozillians all over the world to become detectives and search and report, websites that have unauthorized download buttons.

To join the campaign and participate - mark Sept 17-24th in your calendar and register here!

If you’re from Indonesia, register here. Speaking Spanish? Register here

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Keep rockin’ the open web!


How would it be determined whether or not a download button is unauthorized? Is it as simple as seeing whether or not the download pulls directly from only mozilla org?

The unofficial are those that let users download Firefox without going So if the site isn’t redirect the user to Mozilla’s official website/sub domain, we can consider it “dark funnel”.


the overlay (x days left) hides the text behind it.

and Firefox for Android gives me a mixed-content warning (https) on the page.

Hey Felix,

Thanks for the report on the overlay content. We’ll try to fix it soon. As for the content warning, it was because some parts of the page are not using https. We’ll investigate more on that.

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