Any plan to support RaZberry?

(Eric Shepherd) #1

Is there any plan to implement support for using the RaZberry daughtercard to integrate with HomeKit setups? That’s the widget I bought to accomplish this, and sadly, it doesn’t work with Mozilla’s IoT system yet.

(Michael Stegeman) #2

RaZberry is a Z-Wave card, which is entireley separate from HomeKit. We do have an open issue to support the RaZberry for Z-Wave here.

HomeKit is solely Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE (BLE) based, so no extra hardware is needed.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

Right, of course. I knew that, too. I actually meant that I have the RaZberry card in my Pi so that I can unify my HomeKit and my Z-Wave devices, and would like very much to use Things to do that.

(Rzr) #4

Which ZWave adapter do you recommand ?