Any updates on Min Vid?

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I’ve been using Min Vid since the early days, and the last update I heard from it was that there was a Shield Study planned, but I haven’t heard anything about the results from that study and the repository has since been archived (and my two PRs remained unmerged).

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P.S.: If we ever get Min Vid 2, it should use Shadow DOM for the in‑page controls.

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We had several meetings with the Shield team and decided that we would not move forward with the Shield study. It turns out just having Min Vid enabled was a substantial hit to Firefox’s responsiveness. Slowness was the #1 feedback we got from Min Vid surveys. We thought whatever we learned from the study would be tainted by that and reflect badly on Firefox. Unfortunately, we’re also unable to rewrite it as web extension APIs don’t exist for what we were doing.

So, is still the best summary for what we found and the question of implementing in Firefox has been turned over to the Firefox team. I don’t expect Test Pilot to do any more with Min Vid.

Sorry your patches never landed. Thanks for taking the time to send them.

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Can’t WebExtensions create floating panels using the

Failing that, you could always use a bundled experiment to get the APIs you need (it’s used by a lot of Test Pilot projects to get the functionality they need, for example: Side View uses it to increase the maximum width of the sidebar).

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We could have made a web extension experiment, but we don’t have the time to work on everything we want and we decided that rewriting the whole add-on wouldn’t provide enough new insight past what we could conclude from what we’d done so far.