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hi : great idea, unfortunately WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER already does exactly the same, you can keep that playing while you do other stuff and you can bring it down to a tiny window !!! Do it all the time !!!
Am I missing some other feature about Min Vid ?


SO, I had the previous version of the Test Pilot enabled on my browser, and I am still unsure what happened, but it got disabled & removed. (Maybe because it became outdated?) I am OBSESSED with Min Vid for watching YouTube videos. When the Test Pilot became disabled, and I could no longer watch my YouTube videos in a floating, moveable pop-up screen that allowed me to build up a queue, I was extremely annoyed. I had recently disabled a bunch of add-ons that I wasn’t using and I was sure that I had accidentally deleted the add-on that I needed. I couldn’t recall the name of Min Vid or the name of any YouTube or video add-ons I might have disabled, but I downloaded and tried dozens - none of which could do what Min Vid does SO well. After days passed and many hours wasted, one of my random attempts to search for the name of the add-on I was so desperately missing finally gave me my answer. The TEST PILOT!!! MIN VID!!! I am so glad to have this feature back. It makes a huge difference for me! THANK YOU!