Any updates

Any updates on Developer Community. It has been long time since we heard anything about this program.



Sorry for the lack of news in the last 3 month.

My team (the MDN team) is currently under heavy reorganization since last June: MDN and DevRel are merged as the Developer Outreach team under Emerging Technology. It does not impact existing work but new projects like this one are on hold until further notice :confounded:

So in the short term you shouldn’t see any progress on that project and I cannot tell if/when we will resume the effort. However if you want to push things up, you are welcome and I’ll try to do my best to be supportive and helpful.

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hi, I’m a loyal user of Firefox. I’m learning to be a developer and trying to develop my own add-on.
I wanna know, do I need to update my add-on (release a new version) to keep compatibility with Firefox each time you release? Is there a time interval for me to update? Is there any official policy or rules about updating add-on in developer-side?
I failed to find related information in your website and developer community.

What is the add-on anyway, can someone explain this please…

Firefox add-ons are like a software that runs on the Windows operating system.

Do you know my mind ???

I am trying to submit an add-on for my site but unable to upload.