Arabic Community Gathering 2016

(Rubén Martín) #1

Dear Mozillians,

The Participation Team have begun the organization of the Arabic Community Gathering that will take place in Casablanca, Morocco on October 22nd and 23rd.

Since last year, the Participation team has been organising a set of events called “Community Gatherings” where we are investing in our core mobilizers and leaders skills to be more effective in supporting the focus areas of Mozilla this year.

The goal for these events are:

  • Align community goals with Mozilla’s goals

  • Improve individual and team skills

This will be the fourth one after Brazil, India, and Europe.

Next week will be publishing information about the selection criteria, how to apply, and the agenda.


On behalf of the Participation Team

(Nootan Ghimire) #2

Oh, This reminds me of . I wonder why we were not able to get approval (or had detailed discussion) to organize a similar event in the past.

Hope that this is a good indication towards improving mozillians in all community and making them feel valued. :slight_smile:

(Rubén Martín) #3

Application is now open here: