Follow up after Community Gathering

Hello everyone!

Forgive me to write in english. As a follow up of the work you done in Casablanca and after my blog post, I want check on the work you were doing regarding our 7 projects on the Github repo.

As we agreed at that time, Regional Coaches for the region will be leading the follow-up. Leading means that they will be checking updates on the work and helping to maintain the momentum on the projects.

As a reminder, we agreed to continue working on these seven paths:

Each of them have a person responsible, but that doesn’t mean that depends only on them. If you want and have time, please help the community and offer your participation in each issue.

It’s time to activate the community!


Hello Guillermo,

Thank you for the follow up, I suggest if it’s possible to have a call next week ?
I have some blockers in some items, and I need some suggestion to continue working in the right way, I am gonna update my issues with comments today.


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