Arduino libs or Tasmota?


First my thanks to everyone working on this; I’m transitioning from openHab and it’s very exciting. I see from recent posts that some basic integration with Tasmota is now available (I think T1m1 was responsible for this?).

For the last few weeks I’ve been extensively reworking prampec’s IotWebConf library so it co-exists more happily with the webthing-arduino library (happy to provide more detail if anyone is interested). It’s at a point where I can start my hardware in “config” mode, connect to the captive portal, enter WiFi creds and other details like thing name, restart. The “webthing” mode then kicks in and I can scan for and identify my new thing in the portal. Yay!

There’s still more work to do on the arduino-webthings lib side but would I be better off waiting for further Tasmota support given how mature and capable it is? I’m kind of torn; the hardware I build is either 8266 or ESP32 based so I was trying to come up with a common codebase that supports both. IotWebConf does this whereas there’s no Tasmota for ESP32 as far as know.

If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions one way or the other I’d appreciate it.

Given that you use both ESP8266 and ESP32, it probably makes sense to do what you’re already doing.

It’d be awesome if you put together a full generic framework that others could use, providing captive portal + web thing. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested!

Yep I think that’s the most logical approach. I’ll keep on working and documenting and release it when it’s a bit tidier.

Thank you