Arturo which is better

Perico or Pabellón criollo or Hallaca?


It depends of the time and date :stuck_out_tongue:

Perico is usually eaten during breakfast/dinner with arepas.
Pabellon Criollo is a heavy dish with beans, meat, rice and fried bananas for lunch, take a little cup of coffee or tea afterwards to easy digestion

Finally Hallacas are a main dish during December holidays.

All of them are dishes for different occasions, so i would say that all of them are good :stuck_out_tongue:


based on photos I pick the first one :smiley: This question can’t just be for Arturo!

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Are you saying you would not have a late night Perico? :slight_smile: Btw @rosana I vote we go to Latam next so we can have Perico’s

@bkerensa RemoCamp MExico City - taco tour every day

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Benjamin I’d love too to go to Latam to have huevos pericos!
In the meantime here’s the recipe, they’re pretty easy to make at home :slight_smile:

and here for the real deal, with arepas!

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Late night Perico is not a good idea, those are like scrambled eggs you know, they can go nuclear fusion inside you.

@rosana - to make it clear - is this an invitation that you will cook it for us next time? :smiley: