Asessment wanted for Mozilla splash page

Hello! Need assessment for Mozilla splash page task.

Source code, Github Pages.

It would be great if you check my another topic. :relieved:

Hello @VladimirK

you doing great as usual well done.

not sure this line that you comment has typo or what
<!-- <source media="(max-width: 601px)" srcset="images/red-panda.jpg"> -->

i know you remove it cause the img src will be used in case if the width is more than 600 but this commented line should use min-width not max

and i notice that @mikoMK responded for the old one
sorry for late and have a nice day both of you


Yes, you right. I take this from lesson art direction case

And i comment it cause if width is more than 600px images/red-panda.jpg will be used from img src="".

And i sealed up :slight_smile:

Thank you!