Asking for legacy OpenSearch add-ons back to me

I’ve released several OpenSearch add-ons at Firefox Add-ons website. In the late of 2019 I received an email told me that OpenSearch will no longer available in this year. Today I saw all my OpenSearch add-ons were removed, and I can’t get them back even if I went to the Development Center. Is there anyway to get them back to me? It would be helpful when I port them to WebExtension.

Sorry, @shanshandehongxing, unfortunately we can’t restore your Open Search search add-on.

However, you can still create an extension version using the chrome_settings_overrides WebExtensions API without the original add-on. MDN has documentation for how to use the API to set a different search provider. (If you’re new to the WebExtensions API, you may want to go through our introduction to extension development to get a sense of how they are structured.)

Two other notes:

(1) If you have the search engines installed on your Firefox right now, you can decompress the search.json.mozlz4 file to extract the paths from the JSON. I have a decompression tool here:

(2) If you are collecting examples, here’s one for Google UK:

(For the icon, I originally planned to use .ico format, but the AMO validator doesn’t like .ico files so I used .png, which works out better if you don’t have tools for .ico files.)

So there is no archive to get them back. Isn’t it?

Correct, there is no archive.