Where are the SearchEngine AddOns gone

hello there

I ve been using Google.uk and Google.de search engine add ons to search directly from my search bar for years now. Including a translation search engine add on for Leo Dict Org. Now I had to reinstall my laptop and running OSX Catalina. New FireFox of course. Fine I make a profile with FFox. Now I cant, for the life of me, find my handy dandy super useful search engine add ons any more. I cant find an explanation either.

So if anyone could explain to me what is going on and how I can get the most basic search engines back into my FireFox, I d be really grateful.

thank y´all already.

I created one for UK. I have not searched whether anyone has created one for DE. If you would like to create and post it, you can use my code and fix the URLs.

You might find the addon Context Search to be useful as well: