ASR and TTS for Italian Model with Common Voice data

i would like to train an ASR and a TTS model for italian based on Common Voice Dataset.
I have some questions.

  1. DeepSpeech can only train ASR is correct?
  2. The procedure to follow to train own’s model is the one pointed out in TUTORIAL : How I trained a specific french model to control my robot ? Have i to follow this one?
    in positive case, i would like to apply my model to domotic, so is there any kind of pre-processing or sound properties or other stuff i need to know to properly train the model ? Can i find anything i need in the paper ? Or can you suggest me other references?
  3. Can someone give an advice on a good architecture to train TTS ?

thank you a lot!

You should take contact with @Mte90

Please follow the official documentation, this tutorial is good but it’s old and for a specific case.

Likely you can have a look at what @erogol does

Hi Christian, we already have the model for italian if you check on you can find the italian category.

Also if you have telegram our community is there and discussing how to improve it, check @mozitabot and pick the developers group.

The model is at