Assement wanted for marking up a letter

Requesting for Assessment on Marking up a letter which was developed as per tutorial

The Project Code files have been been shared in shareable editor at the below link

Live Site :-

Hi @John_adebayo_Dami and welcome to the community :wave:

This looks mostly fine, but there are still some requirements missing:

  • The six sub/superscripts should be marked up appropriately — in the chemical formulae, and the numbers 103 and 104 (they should be 10 to the power of 3 and 4, respectively).
  • Add appropriate links with titles.
  • The author of the letter should be specified in an appropriate meta tag.

Make sure to use the W3C HTML validator after finishing the improvement. It’s a great tool to check if the code is valid HTML.

I will happily look at the code again if you decide to improve it :blush:

Happy Coding!

Thanks, @mikoMK I managed to make the necessary corrections and it looks good now. But yeah I’ll be revisiting the lesson because I don’t fully understand it.

Thank you for the tips

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Congratulation on the improvements! Those things I nagged about are all correct now :smiley:

I just see that the doctype is commented out. This should just read <!Doctype html> on the first line. As otherwise the doctype isn’t recognized. The rest of the task is perfect now :+1:

If you have any further questions (on this task or in general) I’m happy to help you out. :blush:

Have a nice day!