Assessment for Marking up a letter

Hey, I’ve just completed all “Introduction to HTML” topics and would appreciate if you look through my code(especially the quotation part) and give me some advices on how to impove it :slight_smile: Thank you.

Here is the link:

Hi there @forecast, and thanks for sending in your code!

Your work here is really good, well done!

I just had a couple of minor nitpicks:

  • You don’t need the <p> elements inside the <address> elements - the <address> element works fine as a block-level container to contain the address contents. Effectively, it is a a paragraph but with additional semantics that define it as an address of some kind.
  • You don’t need to put the degree symbols (°) inside a <sup> element - they are already suspended, and don’t need to be made to go any higher! If you compare it with and without <sup>, you’ll see what I mean:

86°F (with <sup>)

86°F (without <sup>)