Assessment: Mozilla splash page

Hi all!

I’ve just finished my assessment and I believe is quite ok. However, I would like to have expert feedback and if possible a grade from 1-10.

One question: I figured that in this particular part of the code below that is in bold, it does not allow me to introduce both the width of the slot 120px and 400px as I can do for the other pictures. I mean, I can, but this picture just appear to be very small in my browser when doing so. And my concern if it has anything to do with the jpeg file. Since I used for all the rest of the images a PNG file.

  • it seems like this small part of the code is not appearing here, but I can tell you that is the one with the Mozilla Addons image.

Thanks in advance!

Ana_Cruz_Assessment.pdf (46.8 KB)

Hi @AnaVeraCruz,

Thanks for sending your code in! However, it is quite hard to mark it like this.

Instead, do you think you could put it in an online code playground type app like glitch, and then send me the URL?