Assessment wanted for Mozilla splash page (Nebojsa Vidovic)


I would like assessment of my work for the Mozilla splash page assignment.
My HTML code can be found at the jsfiddle link below and I have added the link to the assignment page, and attached two screenshots of the page opened in a browser on my computer as well.

Thank You in advance.

Nebojsa Vidovic

Hi @nebojsavidovic01

Great work on this exercise!
All image versions correctly load at the expected break points. There’s just one thing that will make your code simpler. The second <source> in <picture> isn’t needed. When no conditions match browsers automatically use the src of the <img>.

See you,

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Hello @mikoMK

Thank You for checking and for the advice, I will keep this in mind when using the picture element in the future.

Nebojsa Vidovic

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