Assessment wanted Conditionals 3

Hello, I tried solving Conditionals 3, didn’t have any trouble with 2 or 1, but no matter what i do with 3 i always get the default message.

Here is the Test Your Skills page

and here is my solution

After searching for a bit I have found the issue.
It has to be
switch (true) instead of switch (score).

@Ceeroo that’s interesting; our final solution uses switch(score), but it’d be interesting to see what form your solution takes. There is usually more than one solution to any given problem.

@chrisdavidmills When I copy your final solution it doesn’t work. It returns error.Annotation 2020-03-09 170213

Argh, you are right :wink:

So my publishing solution was wrong - it should have used switch (true) and NOT switch (score)! So @Ceeroo was right all along.

I have corrected my solution.