Assessment wanted for Advanced HTML text 2 skill test

Hi, I’m trying to learn about front-end development. So I want to know if the exercise is correct.

The blockquote should wrap the the quote itself (including the p element), not the word quote

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Thanks for the help!

And welcome to our community Everything else in this assessment has bene done really wel — well done! As said, you just need to wrap the <blockquote> element around the entire quote.

the quote is

<p>By default, <abbr title="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</abbr> is accessible, if used correctly.</p>
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Thanks, when I was looking at the interface I could see that it was not correct. I’m going to fix it.

Thanks for the answer. Now I’m trying to do the other test, where I have to do the “Birdwatching” page, but it’s a little difficult.