Assessment wanted for CSS layout project

Hello, everybody. :wave:
I completed the project of CSS layout. So I’m here for some feedback or assessment.
Here are my projects:

In addition, I have some questions:

  1. As you can see, I made a mobile-first responsive layout using grid layout. Is it necessary for us to do some fallbacks, like floating?
  2. Is there any irregularity in my code?

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Hwa_He

you doing great just some tips here

  1. the power of flex and grid that you do not need to use media screen and those stuff with it so for example you just set how it wrap when there no enough space same thing for grid

  2. i know there some compatibility with gird layout with different browser s check to know which option you can use with each browser

  3. do not try to develop site that compatible with everything cause that sooooo hard and in many case there no point to make later there will be lesson teach you how to balance between use new option/feature and make the site compatible with old devices and browser and there some site can check that for you and even give you fallback code to help you

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@justsomeone Thanks mate!
Besides, can you name some example sites that can give me some fallback?

you very welcome @Hwa_He

i guess it one of the sub lesson on this link

so wait till you finish the js course as some of the polyfill if not most use js code instead of unsupported css feature
and those lesson give you some general idea about what you will face and how to find your way to solve it

and have a nice day

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