Assessment wanted for fundamental layout comprehension by AFKMDaniel

Hello! I did standard task and also tried to do layout responsive. Please tell me what I did wrong if I did :slight_smile:
I used
nav ul { justify-content: space-around; }
instead of justify-content: space-between on purpose, because I like it more.

Code link:

Task link:

Hi @AFKMDaniel

Very well done! I like how you used the media query. Makes the page look good on all screen sizes.
There’s nothing to complain from my side. :wink:


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Thank you for your feedback :hugs:

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You’re welcome!

By the way: I saw you helped other volunteers. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you very much for that. It’s nice so see that I’m not always the only volunteer who’s helping. :sweat_smile:

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