Assessment wanted for :Fundamental Layout Comprehension

I’ve already done my task .

I need assessment for that. Here is my code :

Code :!/blush-perfect-naranja
Live site :

Hi @iam-ferdi

Congratulations on this task! Great job :medal_sports: Nice use of media queries to make it look good on smaller screens :+1:

Just two small notes:

  • For the floated image: As selector you could just use .feature instead of article img. Additionally I recommend adding a bottom margin. The text below could get to close to the picture when using different screen sizes.
  • Another possibility to make the <nav> look nice would be to add justify-content: space-around; (or similiar) to nav ul instead of setting flex 1; on every nav li.

I hope that helps :blush:

Have a nice weekend,

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That’s what I’ve been looking for all this time. Thanks @

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