Assessment wanted for Fundamental Layout Comprehension~


I would like some feedback on my site for the Layout Comprehension assessment.

My website is live on GitHub Pages and the source code is in this repo.

I enjoyed this project learning about CSS layout. Please let me know how I can improve :star:

Hi @s-zavala

Amazing work on this task! :clap:

Only some minor things:

  • A bit of grid-gap between article and aside would be nice.
  • If a value has zero length you can just omit the unit: top: 0px; :arrow_right: top: 0;
  • If you remove flex: 1; the nav would look more balanced in my opinion.

That’s all! I hope it’s helpful.

All the best,

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Thank you for this feedback!

The navigation bar looks much better without flex: 1;.

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