Assessment wanted for HTML accessibility skill tests

Can I please have an assessment for the HTML accessibility skill tests?

Part 1 (CodePen)
Part 2 (CodePen)
Part 3 (CodePen)
Part 4 (CodePen)

Many thanks,


Congratulations on these a11y tasks! Very well done :medal_sports:

My comments:

  • Task 1: Correct :white_check_mark: Good move on also changing the list type and button selector
  • Task 2: Correct :white_check_mark:
  • Task 3: Correct :white_check_mark:
  • Task 4: Correct :white_check_mark: Regarding the header image: Instead of using the role attribute you could just use alt="". This signals to the screen reader that it shouldn’t read out anything. An even better solution would be to use a CSS background image. This way the decorative image wouldn’t even appear in the HTML code.