Assessment wanted for Test your skills: HTML accessibility

Hi :wave: I would really appreciate if I could have an assessment of my work on Test your skills: HTML accessibility.

Thank you in advance! :blush:

My work




Test page

Hi @Risa

Here are my comments:

  • Task 1: :warning: : Mostly correct. Changing the ordered list to an unordered one would make sense. The list of items doesn’t really need to be in any order.
  • Task 2: :white_check_mark: Correct.
  • Task 3: :white_check_mark: Correct.
  • Task 4: :white_check_mark: Correct. Great idea to use a background image. That’s the preferred way to use decorative images. :clap:

Have a nice weekend,

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Hi @mikoMK,

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Oh you’re absolutely right! I don’t know why I used ordered list in the first place :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :blush:

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That was a sneaky little trap. The starting code looked like this :wink: :

1. Advice choosing a new product
2. Tech support on an existing product
3. Refund and cancellation assistance
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Oh year it did! I didn’t properly read and consider whether those numbers were really necessary :sweat_smile:
It was a good trap, you got me haha :joy: I should be careful not to make the same mistake in the future!

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