Assessment wanted for Link 1,2,3 Skill Test (Test Page Link Attached)

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I am sharing my latest Links related tests; hope you have a couple of minutes to quickly review them.

Test Page:


Now, on Glitch I could not create any folder. So, some lines of code will not perform as they should but I’m sure you can check my code.

Please suggest a good option that can replace Glitch and I can create folders.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello @Hitarth_Chaudhari

you doing great well done and i notice you played with some meta and css just some notice

  1. for task 2 it said The first link should link to an image called blue-whale.jpg, which is located in a directory called blue inside the current directory. so the image are inside a blue folder .is this cause you can not have folder in glitch check this one

  2. similar issue to number one The second link should link to an image called narwhal.jpg, which is located in a directory called narwhal, which is located one directory level above the current directory.
    the folder narwal are the parent of the current folder . mean current directory you need to use ..

  3. for third task it would be better to include the file type so the user know which file type they will download

by the way you can use github also but it will require some learning

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: